Side Launch Challenge

$5.00 each or 3 for $10.00


To estimate and record, on an official contest ticket, the time of the “launch” of the Optimist sailboat onto the ice/water in the Collingwood Harbour.

Set Up:

A sailboat has been set up on a hinged platform, over the Shipyard Basin and supported by the ice. When the ice melts sufficiently to allow the support to sink through the ice, the platform will drop and the boat will be launched.

How it works:

This is a skill testing contest where the participant guesses the day, date, hour, minute and second that the Optimist sail boat “launches” from the platform into the harbour.

Prize: The winner(s) of the contest will receive 50% of the net proceeds from ticket sales.


The winning contestant will be the person who estimates the launch time closest to the “recorded launch time” but not after the “recorded launch”. In the event of a tie on the “launch time”, the contestant with the closest “high temperature” will be declared the winner. Should all time and temperature information be exactly the same or equal, the prize money will be divided equally.

Proceeds: Go to support the Collingwood Sailing School/Youth Program.

Terms and Conditions:

“Launch time” will be established by using a combined webcam and digital clock that will be trained on the boat. The “recorded launch time” will be established by the Optimist Club, reported on our website and published in local papers.

  • Determination of winner will be by Optimists Club of Collingwood
  • Decision of Judges is final
  • Contest closes midnight, Sunday, April 2nd or earlier if boat launches.